Starbase View Rejiggered

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Author: AlphaAsh

Last revision: 10 Apr at 12:33 UTC

File size: 5.12 KB

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Changes the Starbase View UI for Intuitiverlyness

I hated the layout of the Starbase View so I changed it.

Tested on 1920×1080 only. UI scaling set to 1.3.

Please note the additional building slots, module types and changes to the Outliner are not provided by this mod.

No, intuitiverlyness is not a word.

Built against Stellaris v2.2.7
I don’t care if it’s ironpants/cheev compatible or not.
Mods interface/fstarbase_view.gui, so probably buggers up other UI mods. The authors of that can nab it if they want it.

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