Species Engineering [2.2]

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Author: Cray935
Last revision: 29 Apr at 17:24 UTC


Life Engineering revisited

Life Engineering is back under new name and made from scratch. As of 2.2 many things above and under the views have changed. Also my old mod had many issues both technically and gameplay wise. I removed much from the old ideas and focus on creating species only. So here it is, Species Engineering.

Current & planned features

You can follow the progress at GitHub[github.com]


* English


* No vanilla files touched, so it works with all other mods. You can even create species on custom worlds like the ones from planetary diversity without any patch
* Universal Resource Patch is not mandatory but recommended to see the special resource stockpile

Special Thanks

Thank you That One Communist Fellow for keeping Life Engineering up-to-date

Required items:
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!!!Universal Resource PatchOn Steam