!MAP – Traits and Civics Patch

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Author: Jin_Cardassian

Last revision: 13 Mar at 01:51 UTC

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UPDATE: I’ve made a second patch here that adds these traits to job weights, both vanilla jobs and those from a few other mods


This started as a personal mod (my first!) to integrate some of the additional traits from Just More Traits with More AI Personalities.

Just More Traits adds lots of extreme or mild versions of vanilla traits. The vanilla traits influence the new AI personalities, but modded ones do not, even when it would make sense. So for example the "Guerrilla Fighters" personality counts vanilla 1-point Strong and 3-point Very Strong when factoring influence, but not the 2-point Tenacious trait which provides a moderate effect of the same type. This is a simple patch to integrate those new traits so that the resultant personalities make sense with them.

I also incorporated some of the homeworld civics from Guilli’s Planet Modifiers 2.2 and Planetary Diversity, where I thought these appropriate. As time goes by I may integrate some other mods.

See the pinned discussion for a breakdown of the new traits and their influence.


This patch overwrites "00_personalities.txt" in order to factor new traits and civics into base game personalities (eg Migratory can be a prereq for "Migratory Flock" in place of Nomadic). It is thus incompatible with any mod that overwrites that file.

I have created a vanilla friendly variant of the patch which only touches the "MAP_personalities.txt" of More AI Personalities and leaves base game files unscathed. This should be compatible with anything.

A Note on Balance

Depending on the balance of new traits and civics, this may skew the rate of appearance for various personalities. My primary goal here is consistency between personalities and empire characteristics; spawn balance is a secondary concern, and one I haven’t tested too rigorously. As the new traits and civics are for the most part evenly distributed this shouldn’t be too much of a concern. However, if folks report something wacky I will try to adjust the weights to achieve a better distribution.

Other Mods

Intended to work with these mods. You don’t need all of them to use the patch. The missing traits and civics will just never be a factor.

More AI Personalities
Just More Traits
Planetary Diversity
Guilli’s Planet Modifiers 2.2
Ecology Mod

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Just More TraitsSteam Workshop