!!More Trait Picks

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Author: zulu9812
Last revision: 14 Feb at 08:51 UTC


The mod changes the number of trait picks:
Robot: 3 -> 8
Machine: 4 -> 9
Other species: 5 -> 10

The mod does NOT change the amount of trait points.

The mod modifies the following file(s):

This is a fork of the original mod by Argual – More Trait Picksfull credit to him for the original work. I’ve also updated the version number so it won’t have a red exclamation mark in the launcher.

I found that it was being overwritten by something higher up my load order, so I found it necessary to rename the mod to move it to the top. I think that mod-makers should be more aware of this – if it’s a small mod that only does one thing (like this) it should be at the top of your load order, whilst if it’s a complex mod that does many things it should be lower.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to use 2 x ! at the start of this mod due to a trend for modders to name their complex mods to place them at the top. I should make a mod called !!!! Am I At The Top Yet? :p