Administrative Upgrades

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Author: tonechild
Last revision: 6 Apr at 10:31 UTC


Adds 1 new edict, 1 starbase building, and 4 new planetary buildings that increase your administrative capacity

– Starbases can now build "Interplanetary Administration" which add 2 admin-cap and cost 3 energy upkeep.

– Planetary buildings will increase your sprawl penalty by 1%. As you upgrade them, their penalty does NOT increase, and the highest tier building does not have a penalty at all. The Admin Starbase buildings also will not apply a negative modifier.

– Researching each upgrade grants additional admin cap (+5)

– The "Galactic Census" Edict will reduce the negative effects of sprawl by 50%, lasts roughly 10 years, and can be used once you upgrade the 4th tier.

Supported Languages:

– English
– русский / Russian
– Deutsche / German
– Español / Spanish


This mod does not touch any of the vanilla files, so it should be compatible with most mods.

Tutorial can be viewed here: