True Bombardment

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Author: Steven
Last revision: 23 Mar at 19:23 UTC


below is list of before mod defualt settings and after mod

1- Raiding = you could not raid planets with a population of less then 2 also when you remove population building tile could get locked out destorying building.

1- Raiding this mod = this cap was removed you can raid and steal population from any planet, buildings no longer get removed due to population lose.

2- Armageddon = only certain ethos could use this policy even thought all etho goverments could destory planets with a world killer so no nuking but you can blow up planet. ?

2- Armageddon Modded = now any goverment can decide that a world needs cleanesed there is a bias pacifict are less likly to use this option then a goverment that wants to purge galaxy. – building also will not auto destory just due to population hitting 0

3- Indiscriminate = population kill cap at 8 pop stops taking damage at this level

3- Indiscriminate mod = population pop cap removed population can die off during bombardment buildings can be left in tack and wont auto destory due to pop lock

4. Selective bombing = bombing stops when defending units disappear and population stops taking damage when it hits 28 becomes immune by magic

4- Selective bombing mod = bombing still stops when defending units disappear population never becomes immune – buildings do not auto destory do to the population lock. also ethic pacifist and fanatic pacifist are more weight towards using this type of bombardment due to fact that it does less damage to planet and to population

all damage done by stances is set by defualt stance limit Mutiplyer so what ever stance you do thats damage your fleet will do -> i use to have mod reflect stance reflect damage done by the size of your fleet i current went back to defualt which is the oppsit now.