MewMew’s Army Types(2.3+)

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Author: MewMew

Last revision: 27 Jul at 13:48 UTC (4)

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This is a combination of all my generic army mods. For those of you who are new here this is what it adds…

  • Clone, Hive, Machine, Regular, and other armies
  • Custom Building Tree
  • Custom Tech Tree
  • Custom Jobs and Resources
  • Hidden Unit System (Meet the criteria = get the units)


Even when I reach a stable point with any of my mods I will always seek to add new things or improve them. Generally balanced around rp but I do try to add functionality to the units.


More Immersive Content

Also you should go check out Big Business’s mod. It’s pretty fun to do the event chain to get the units.



(Only adds logistic soldier jobs to strongholds and fortresses. At worst another mod might overwrite that but two custom buildings still produce the job)

-Army Icons

Make sure to unsub from the old ones if you wish to use this one. This is supposed to be a generic mod that talks about warriors in sci fi.

I do not own or claim the pictures in the mod preview. All credit goes to their orginal owners. You may not repost or reuse any part of my mod without asking me.


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