Improved Space Battles [Balance] 2.7

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Author: Thane-Stus

Last revision: 21 May at 18:29 UTC (5)

File size: 140.16 MB

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Compatible with 2.7

This is an almost fully functional version of Improved Space Battles [Balance] updated to 2.7. See Known Issues below for a list of what I know isn’t working properly right now.

Important Note: I did not make this mod, this mod was made by Ankain, I simply updated it to 2.7

See original description for more info

Inteded for use with Improved Space Battles [Graphics] 2.6

NSC Patch
2.3 Version
2.4/2.5 Version
2.6+ Versions[]

Known Issues

Avatar & Erebus Cores missing stance text (this is present in 2.1 as well)

A Static modifier to reduce maintenance costs for the AI is currently broken. Need to find the new code or whatever for it also not very important imo.

Doomsday abduction stuff isn’t currently working. This one is going to take awhile probably, lots of work needs to be done.

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Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.