No More Habitats

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Author: Khorne Flakes
Last revision: 12 Apr at 21:12 UTC


Do you think habitats are unbalanced and overpowered? Do you suspect that your multiplayer save will be ravaged by your would-be friend deciding to build habitats everywhere? Do you hate the AI figuring that SPEHHS infact is the final frontier? Do you find the logistical strain of conquering and managing dozens of AI-built habitats a pain in your slimy xeno-supremacist &@*$?

Well, then you should probably get a different game.

But if you, like me, feel that Stellaris is supreme, then this is the mod for your slimy xeno-supremacist &@*$!

It does what the title says, "no more habitats." It’s perfectly save-game compatible (though not achievement-compatible), and does not destroy existing habitats. All this mod does is remove the Voidborne ascencion perk for use both for you, and those pesky aliens, making it functionally impossible to build habitats. If the Voidborne is already selected for any empire in an existing save, it’ll simply be replaced with a AP slot.

This mod should be compatible with all mods that don’t directly affect the Ascencion Perks.

Now, sally forth, and savour the habitat-free experience like no man, slimy xeno, or fish ever hath before!