Ascendancy Ringworlds

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Author: Cephalon Sithalo

Last revision: 1 Jul at 18:27 UTC (9)

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Ecumenopoli are cool. But they cannot be created on Ringworlds for "reasons".
Machine Worlds are also cool but the same as above.
Hive Worlds are also also great but ditto…
Now they all can.

You have to go through the standard progress as you would normally to create them.

Feel free to share your thoughts or ideas down below.

Note on Required DLC:

You need the respective DLCS to produce their respective perk worlds but this mod does not require you to have all 3 DLCs. The only one you 100% need is Utopia for the Ringworlds.
Utopia needed for Ringworlds (side benefit of providing Hive Worlds)
Synthetic Dawn needed for Machine Worlds
Megacorp needed for Ecuecumonopoli


Real Space Patch
For if you use Real Space and want your Ringworlds to not be graphically broken.
Planetary Diversity Addon
For if you want to also be able to build Planetary Diversitys variation of ecu worlds as rings.
(Patch) AscRing "Balance"
For if you want the mining districts to be artificially nerfed for "reasons".
(Patch) AscRing+Matter Synthesis District
For if you want to have Uncapped Matter Synthesis DIstricts instead of Uncapped Mining Districts for "reasons" again.

Future Plans:

Make the vehicles better
Fix any mistakes that show up

Overwritten Files:

Due to how Paradox handled the new Ringworld Districts "04_ringworld_districts" had to be overwritten to allow the districts to convert properly. I figure not many mods touch that particular file. Please let me know of a mod that does touch it that this will now need compatibility for and I will try to look into it thank you.


Chirumiru ShiRoz for their Ascension World Soundeffects mod & further credit from that to:
Blizzard Entertainment – Starcraft sounds – Hive
Electronic Arts – CnC sounds – Ecu
Paradox Interactive – Base game sounds – Machine

Else the ringworlds would be 50-75% silent… (note this doesnt add sounds to the vanilla worlds, you will need their mod for that.)