More Civics

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Author: Harling Honenhoff Homer
Last revision: 5 Apr at 10:09 UTC


More Civics

This mod is intended to improve your stellaris experience with adding bunch of new civics.
Currently adds 31 new civics with various possibilities.

Current Version: 2.2.7


Technology in this society was passed down man by man in great secrecy for the sake of craftsmanship.
<Universal Counseling>
This country implemented an universal counseling system that actively interfere in people’s personal worries to prevent any collision.
<Education Stratum>
This society was founded on the ideal of education maketh men, so one’s education decides his place on stratum.
… And more!


Mostly compatible with other mods, but could be incompatible with some mods which modifies startup process. (Since this mod temper with ’01_start_of_game_effects’ file.)
The mod has been updated to not modify any of the original files. Now the probability of mod collision will be at minimum.

Future Plans

-Add More Civics

Couldn’t work on it because my semester has started. I’ll update it on time, but don’t expect me to add anything anytime soon.

Could be buggy because it’s my first stellaris mod.

And check up my other mod too!

Species Traits

If you notice any bugs or issues, please feedback me in comments. Rate if you like. Thanks.

Full List

<Alien Influence>
Engineering Research Speed +15%
Megastructure Build Speed +50%

<Displaced in time>
Habitability -30%
Resettlement Cost +30%
Colony Development Speed -50%
Construction Time +20%
Governing Ethics Attraction +20%
Resource From Jobs +20%
Monthly Unity +10%
Cannot be removed or added after the start of the game

<Duel Evolution>
Start with 12 pops that developed parallely on the planet
(Removed due to another mod already have this civic)

Society Research Speed +15%
Modify Species Special Project Cost -50%
Cannot be removed or added after the start of the game

<Lack of Apparel>
Trust Cap -50
Trust Growth -10%
Colony Development Speed +25%
Pop Growth Speed +10%

<Subterranean Origins>
Defense Army Damage +20%
Defense Army Morale +20%
Building Cost -10%
Building Upkeep -10%
Starbase Influence Cost +50%
Cannot be removed or added after the start of the game

<Technologically Cautious>
Ship Weapons Damage +15%
Ship Weapons Range +20%
Ship Fire Rate +10%
Evasion +10%
Sublight Speed +15%
Leader Level Cap -1
Research Speed -20%

<Uncontrolled Birth Rate>
Pop Growth Speed +30%
Happiness -10%

<Virtual Society>
Happiness +20%
Habitability +10%
Pop Growth Speed -10%

Leader Pool Cap +2
Leader Pool Size -1

<Clan Politics>
Administrative Capacity +20
Statecraft Research Speed +10%
Leader Pool Size -1

<Education Stratum>
Leader Level Cap +2
Leader Pool Size +2
Research Speed +5%
Leader Upkeep +50%
Empire Sprawl Penalty +50%

<Emergency Government>
Leader Upkeep -50%
Leader Experience Gain +25%
Happiness -20%

<Eye for an Eye>
Army Morale +20%
Ship Fire Rate +10%
Leader Level Cap +2
Crime +30
Leader Lifespan -25

Administrative Capacity +30
Empire Sprawl Penalty -20%
Starbase Influence Cost -30%
Leader Upkeep +10%

<Living God>
Planet Build Speed +20%
Monthly Unity +10%
Army Morale +10%
Pop Growth From Immigration -30%
Immigration Pull -50%
Leader Level Cap -1

Governing Ethics Attraction +20%
Resources From Jobs +20%
Physics Research Speed +15%
Happiness -20%

Edict Duration +150%
Administrative Capacity +30%
Happiness -10%

<People’s Army>
Defense Army Morale +20%
Defense Army Damage +10%
Army Build Speed +33%
Assault Army Morale -20%
Assault Army Damage -10%

Happiness +10%
Sublight Speed +10%

<Shaman Politics>
Leader Upkeep -30%
Happiness +20%
Leader Lifespan -20

<Spirit of Revolution>
Leader Pool Size +1
Leader Upkeep -30%
Leader Level Cap +1
Happiness +5%
Monthly Unity -10%

Building Upkeep +10%
District Upkeep +10%
Monthly Unity +15%

<Survivors of Invasion>
Army Morale +20%
Leader Pool Size +3
Maximum Rivalries +5
Home Territory Fire Rate +30%
Trust Cap -30
Cannot be removed or added after the start of the game

<Universal Counseling>
Trust Growth +25%
Trust Cap +50

<Free City-States>
Administrative Capacity +100
Starbase Influence Cost -30%
Governing Ethics Attraction -50%
Edict Duration -50%

<Nonverbal Communication>
Society Research Speed +20%
Colony Development Speed -25%
Administrative Capacity -20
Cannot be removed or added after the start of the game

<Thrill Seekers>
Ship Upgrade Cost -20%
Sublight Speed +20%
Survey Speed +20%
Anomaly Research Speed +20%
Anomaly Fail Risk +20%
Anomaly Discovery Chance -10%

<Dreadnought Tactics>
Ship Weapons Damage +20%
Ship Upkeep -20%
Naval Capacity +50
Sublignt Speed -20%
Evasion -10%

<Energy Supremacy>
Monthly Energy Credits +10%
Energy Weapon Damage +10%
Energy Weapon Attack Speed +10%
Monthly Minerals -10%

<Attack Above All>
Ship Fire Rate +20%
Ship Weapons Damage +10%
Armor Hit Points -5%
Shield Hit Points -5%

<Center of Trade>
Market Fee -5%
Trade Value +15%