Ground Combat Improved v0.1

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Author: Tanais

Last revision: 4 Feb at 01:10 UTC

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General information

This is a mod aiming to improve ground combat by implementing the suggestions from this reddit post.

The changes applied by this mod will improve the survivability of all armies by buffing their health and disengagement chance. Also included is a ground combat doctrine choice that one can make in the policy window, varying from focusing on reducing friendly casualties to guerrilla warfare to overwhelming the enemy with extreme firepower while risking the death of more of your armies.
In general, this mod should make ground combat take a bit longer, making morale more important to all armies and improving the chance of armies succesfully disengaging when their health gets low.

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  • All armies have 50% more health (base health has been changed from 200 to 300)
  • Armies are 20% more likely to succesfully disengage
  • Orbital bombardment damage to armies reduced by 25%
  • Choose one of four ground combat doctrines to improve the way your empire wages planet-side war.
  • Improve how the AI picks a ground combat doctrine. (warlike empires will now pick overwhelming force, while peaceful empires will focus on defense. Some empires will pick guerilla warfare, but most will take strategic restraint)

Work in progress
These features are the ones that I am currently working on

  • There’s nothing here! (I have implemented all functionality that I would like to implement and am able to)

Feature wishlist
These features are my "wishlist", however, everything that’s on here is beyond what I can do at this time.

  • Implement a minimum health percentage to leave armies at under orbital bombardment.
  • Allowing armies to re-engage after disengaging.
  • Giving defending armies a health recharge after disengaging, possibly linked to the number of pops and devastation of the planet.
  • Implementing an "army manager" that shows a list of all your armies and their current status.

Version and compatibility

This mod was created for Stellaris 2.2.3 and should work with all 2.2.* versions. Tested up to 2.2.5 beta.

This mod overwrites a section of the 00_defines.txt file, specifically some defines from the army block. You can expect strange behaviour when combining this mod with any mod that overwrites the entire 00_defines.txt file or the army block from said file. Should be compatible with all other mods. Is also compatible with mods that add new types of armies, those armies will get the same buffs as vanilla armies.

How you can help

This is an early version of the mod, I have barely had any time to playtest the changes, so please provide me with feedback and/or suggestions in the discussions section!