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Authors: Maximillionysis, Zparadis

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This is a mod that I made with inspiration from a similar mod known as Pet Leviathan Amoeba.


For as long as Stellaris: Distant Stars has been out, the Lost Amoeba event has by far been my favorite. I love the idea of nurturing a little creature and having it grow up to be a mighty force to be reckoned with. However, the current itteration of the Centenarian is… Very lacking. She’s powerful, in that she gains just about ten times the amount of firepower to dish out compared to the traditional Space Amoeba Mother, but she only has the hull points and armor of said space amoeba mother… Which is 2000 Hull, and 1500 Armor. Now, by the time she becomes the Centenarian, the galaxy is flooding with very powerful fleets that can bust right through such a small amount of effective health before the Centenarian can even get off two volleys. And due to her Cruiser classification, she’s focused fairly quickly by the big guns of the opposing fleets…

So, what does this mod do? This mod gives the Centenarian MUCH more Hull and Armor than she had previously. Roughly fourteen times the normal amount. It also bumps up her evasion, fire rate, tracking, and movement speed, also giving her jump-drive capability. On top of that, I (hopefully) made fully unique Point Defense as part of her loadout. Now, I have tuned The centenarians weapons down a little bit. She’s missing four weapons to make up for this increase of survivability. In some tests that I did, she ends up with around 49k fleet power. Roughly ten times what the normal Centenarian’s fleet value is. If this proves to be a little too strong, I’m NOT opposed to weakening her a bit. I’m wanting this mod to be balanced and enjoyable for everyone to use. This mod was created to have your Lost Amoeba whom you nurtured and cared for fly into battle with the rest of your fleet and take on your enemies WITH you, not be resigned to sitting in some system or patrolling your Trade routes.

This mod SHOULD be both 2.1 and 2.2 compatable, but I only know that it is 2.2 compatable, currently.


UPDATE 1/18/19: I have switched around the loadout of the Amoeba a little bit. I’ve adjusted the health and armor to be 18 times base value, rather than 14 times. I took away 2 of her Large Weapons and one of the Point Defense (as I notices that those things shred even ships a little bit too hard). However, I did increase the number of Strikecraft by 3 total.

Over all, this balance patch increased her over-all power, but made her more susceptable to point defense while making her slightly less anti-corvette/missiles/strikecraft.

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