Superstructures for real space

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Author: ma_ko
Last revision: 6 Apr at 08:01 UTC


This mod adds 9 superstructures. Why only “super”… because they are the little siblings of the megastructures and therefore already available at earlier stages of the game. So this aims at adding more depth to the midgame. The prerequisite for superstructures is the ascension perk "Voidborn”.

This is however the real space compatibility mod for my "Superstructures" mod which is found here:

The detailed description of what this mod does, is found there!

Building a “Protoplanetary Matter Extractor” works different with real space.
Stage 1: is the construction of the Extractor (cost 5000 alloys, 150 influence; upkeep 5 energy)
Stage 2: activating the structure (cost 5000 energy; upkeep 10 alloys)
– It produces 10 of each of the following: volatile motes, exotic gases or rare crystals
– It must be build around any star with a protoplanetary disc.
– As stars with a protoplanetary disc are rare, the upkeep is realy cheap compared to the standard mod.

This version does not require the original "Superstructures" mod. It does however require "Real Space".

Required items:
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