Citadel Defense Grid System

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Author: Red-Eyed_Fairace
Last revision: 24 Dec at 13:32 2018 UTC


For Stellaris 2.2

This is a personal mod that I have been using since 2.1.*
I decided to upload it so that everyone like me can focus on fully fortifying the borders.


-Adds 60k Hull to the Station
-Adds 40k Armor to the Station
-Adds 20k Sheild to the Station
-Station Weapon Damage +200%
-Station Weapon Fire Rate +150%
-Station Weapon Fire Range +40%
-Station Hull Regen +0.2%
-Station Armor Regen +0.2%
-Station Sheild Regen +0.3%
-Station Defense Platform Capacity +32

Aside from that, the component has a build in: Defensive Aura – Hyperlane Registrar


"Sapient AI Defense Grid System" Technology, to get this, you need the following:
-Synchronized Defences Technology (Defense Grid Supercomputer)
-Starbase 5 Technology (Citadel)
-Sapient AI Technology (Sapient AI)


Base cost is 3050 Alloys


-60 energy

Useful mods:

!MicroMod – Military Stations Return

Or any other mod that is up to date and adds the Military Stations.