Citadel Defense Grid System

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Author: Red-Eyed_Fairace

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For Stellaris 2.3

This is a personal mod that I have been using since 2.1.*
I decided to upload it so that everyone like me can focus on fully fortifying the borders.


-Adds 180k Hull to the Station
-Adds 75k Armor to the Station
-Adds 50k Sheild to the Station
-Station Weapon Damage +100%
-Station Weapon Fire Rate +150%
-Station Weapon Fire Range +80%
-Station Hull Regen +0.2%
-Station Armor Regen +0.2%
-Station Sheild Regen +0.7%

Aside from that, the component has a build in: Defensive Aura – Hyperlane Registrar


"Sapient AI Defense Grid System" Technology, to get this, you need the following:
-Synchronized Defences Technology (Defense Grid Supercomputer)
-Starbase 5 Technology (Citadel)
-Sapient AI Technology (Sapient AI)


Base cost is 1250 Alloys


-20 energy

AI Feature:

-Adds an event that instead gives HP to Starport, Star Fortress and Citadel.
-HP added for AI Starport = 7k
-HP added for AI Star Fortress = 100k
-HP added for AI Citadel = 150k

AI will START getting the boost by MIDGAME. Fallen and Awakened will GET it too by ENDGAME.

Yes, the HP are high, but it only does make the AI CItadels/Starport durable, NOT Powerful.
To compensate with that, I lower by half the cost/upkeep/build time of the Player CDGS.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.