Trade Value for Gestalt

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Author: Life-seeded

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Trade Value for Gestalt! You can play gestalt empire with trade value.


– jobs

  • Maintenance Drone. It now gives 1 trade value additionally.
  • Hive Traders&Machine Traders. It gives 10 trade values and 2 amentity. If you have civic, it will produce 2 unity, also.
  • Artist Bio Trophy. It gives 8 trade values, 8 amentity, 1 unity by consuming 1 consumer goods. For rogue servitor.

– civic

  • Machine Traders. it’s change some capital jobs into new jobs, machine trader.
  • Hive Traders. it’s also change some capital jobs into hive trader, but it’s for hive.
  • Self-Sufficiency Machine. it disables trade value, but your Solar Panel(starbase module)’s energy output is increase.
  • Self-Sufficiency Hive. Same with ‘Self-Sufficiency Machine’, but it’s for hive.
  • Rogue Servitor. This civic now increases trade value output into 10%

– authority

  • Machine Intelligence. This Authority now reduces trade value by 40%.
  • Hive Empire. This Authority now also reduces trade value by 40%.

– technology

  • For Gestalt Empire, there is now a technology that allows us to build a Commercial Zone for the Gestalt.

– buildings

  • You can build Gestalt Commercial Zone which provides maintenance drone and trader job.

– Trade policy

  • You can now have 5 more trade policies.

– Others

  • Gestalt Empire can have commercial pact.
  • Megacorp can build branch office in Gestalt Empire’s planet.


– Compatible with Stellaris v2.2.* (Le Guin) – This mod will harm

  • 14_branch_office_buildings
  • 01_gestalt_drones
  • 02_other_categories

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