Empire University

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Author: The Dadinator
Last revision: 25 Jan at 17:17 UTC


This mod allows you to hire leaders based on the trait you need for starting between 1,000 and 3,000 energy depending on the trait with costs scaling as your empire grows. It works for all leader types and traits that can be hired. Advanced leaders with multiple starting traits start at 7,500 energy and 75 influence and also scale as your empire grows.

Using the mod

The mod places a free planetary decision on your capital world called Access Empire University. Clicking the edict opens the initial university screen where you choose which school to hire from:

  • Naval Academy for admirals
  • Army War College for generals
  • College of Sciences for scientists
  • School of Public Service for governors

From there, with the exception of the College of Sciences, you get a list of traits and hovering over each button tells you how much it will cost. For the College of Sciences, since there are so many traits, they are broken down into further specialties:

  • General for traits that cross the science specialties
  • Exploration for traits that help surveying and anomalies
  • Physics, Society, and Engineering for traits related to their respective science specialty.

  • Only allows leaders that appropriate for your ethics, government type, and technology understanding (follows base game rules with one exception noted below for Psionics)
  • Adds the appropriate secondary trait when your species is ascended (no extra costs).
  • Can choose Jack of all Trades for Physics, Society, or Engineering for the starting cost of 7,500 credits and 75 influence.
  • Can get a Psionics leader without the required tech by spending at least 7,500 credits, 75 influence, and waiting a year for the scientist to be found (costs scale as your empire grows). The empire modifiers window will show how long until the scientist is located.
  • Supports Synthetic Dawn traits [requires DLC Synthetic Dawn].

No vanilla files were harmed in making this mod.
Compatible with Stellaris v2.2.* (Le Guin)

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Bugs, Feedback and Suggestions

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Thanks to the Stellaris User Mod forum and the Discord Stellaris Modding Den for all the help and support.