!!Planetary Diversity – Glavius’s Ultimate AI patch

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Authors: tmonahan23, Misha

Last revision: 6 Jun at 11:16 UTC (25)

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For 2.2.* 🙂 and mp

Im currently working on my own mod and it eats up a lot of time. For this reason i may be a little slow on updating to glavius new updates (nothing major tho… max 1-2 day delay) Cheers for uderstanding.

!!!SHAMLESS PLUGGING ALERT!!! i released an alpha of my mod Planet type traits

_______________________________!!!!Read first!!!!_________________________________
Build in compatibility with: Bigger Colonies – 2.2 and More Events Mod . Im not gonna add those to the title since the "fix" for those won´t affect people who are not using them. Think of it as a bonus.

PD´s AI will overwrite gai AI in planet managment. For me this resulted in AI heavy city spam so i made this patch.

This patch overwrites 00_urban_districts.txt 02_rural_districts.txt 03_habitat_districts.txt

Due to bugs i didnt touch terraforming file (for me it was districts randomly apperieng and dissapiering) if you want GAI terraforming there is an addon by tmonahan23 and TechSY730 that changes only terraforming file !!Planetary Diversity and Glavius AI Terraforming Patch be sure to check it out 😉

Any mod that is above this one and alters 00_urban_districts.txt 02_rural_districts.txt 03_habitat_districts.txt will cause trouble 🙂
Our survey found a blackbox containing the last orders that were given by leader of this long dead civilization.

….But mr. President… we have already 15 of those
….Shoudnt we build mines or atleast farms?
….But half of the houses are abandoned
….Our bank declared bankruptcy
….Evrybody is dying of hunger

Made this patch for my personal use,but i dont see any reason to not share it with you.

If you find any problem please don´t be afraid to post it here so i can fix it (if it will be related to this patch) 🙂