Gods and Guardians (2.2.*)

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Author: AlphaAsh

Last revision: 8 Apr at 14:42 UTC (2)

File size: 1.56 MB

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New missions for Observation Posts and related events.

The natives are led to believe that you are their gods. You effectively enslave them from above.

Cannot be used by: fanatic spiritualists, fanatic xenophiles, xenophiles or fanatic pacifists. Cannot be used if policy disallows slavery.

Can only be used on bronze age, iron age and late medieval primitives.

You actively aid and guide the natives, but you do not advance their technology. They are allowed to develop at their own rate and may ask you to leave at any time. (This doesn’t mean you have to!)

Cannot be used by: fanatic spiritualists, fanatic xenophobes or fanatic authoritarians. Can be used by Machine Servitors. Cannot be used if policy allows slavery.

Can only be used on renaissance age, steam age, industrial age, machine age, atomic age and early space age primitives.

If you want to have these missions with fewer ethical restrictions, there is an empire edict that can be toggled between Independent Observation Missions and Restricted Observation Missions. Note that some costs and output of missions are changed when you use this.

If an Observation Mission isn’t displayed, you don’t have the ethics needed to use it, policy disallows it, you don’t have a needed tech or you can’t use it on that partuclar ‘age’ of subject.

Any missions that can’t be done in a particular instance (including vanilla missions) will be removed in preference for missions that can be done. This is to save UI space, although there’s now eight slots for buttons, thanks to UI work by subscriber ‘Calamity’.

This empire believes that it has a duty to act as guardians to any less technologically advanced races that it discovers. Some Observation Missions will be less restricted by the age of the subject. Trust Cap is +25 for subjects.

Spanish (by Ensis): Included in the mod. Last updated: 17th Feb 2017

The following vanilla files are modified by this mod:

  • common/observation_station_missions/00_missions.txt
  • gfx/interface/icons/fleet_task_small.dds
  • interface/fleet_view.gui
  • interface/outliner.gfx

Built against 2.2.3b. Fairly certain it’ll be ok with 2.2.
Should be fine with an existing save-game.
Not Ironman achievement compatible.

Compatibility patch for Violent Beetle’s Primitive Worlds.

Technical note: The main issue ‘UI’ mods may have with this is interface/outliner.gfx. This mod adds some frames to gfx/interface/icons/fleet_task_small.dds, and the number of frames needs to be changed in the gfx file. The changes to interface/fleet_view.gui are to provide more room for mission buttons and some of the vanilla UI art has been resized. I’ve not listed that. You’ll need to poke through the mod to see exactly what art got resized.

If you want compatibility with a UI mod, now you know what you have to do. (If you guessed ‘pester AlphaAsh to do it’, guess again.)

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