Visible Cyborgs

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Author: Vehk

Last revision: 20 Jan at 11:53 UTC (1)

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Adds cybernetic versions of humans, default humanoids and several other species portraits and applies them whenever a pop or leader of appropriate species receives a cybernetic trait.

Leaders will preserve their original phenotype and colour after the portrait change.

Affects both player and computer controlled empires.


Requires either Utopia or Synthetic Dawn DLC to unlock cyborgs feature.


Save game compatible
Feel free to enable this mod after you’ve already completed the Flesh is Weak project or started a game as Driven Assimilators. It’s even somewhat recommended. More on that bellow.

Previous versions compatible
Confirmed to be working fine with 2.1. And it should work with even older versions unless they lack some of the affected portraits. Do not mind the warning at the game launch.

Beta version compatible
As long as the beta version does not affect portrait triggers mechanic, this mod is compatible with it. Once again you are free to ignore the warning at the launch of the game.

Achievements incompatible
As the mod uses triggers for changing species appearence and is not just a portrait replacer it’s not suitable for getting achievements

Remastered Human Portraits compatibility
Deadrick, the author of Remastered Human Portraits, made this compatibility patch. It contains high quality cyber-human portraits and now you are more than recommended to use it.

Other mods compatibility
This mod modifies 09_portraits_humanoid and 07_portraits_human. Every other mod which affects these gamefiles will be in conflict with Visible Cyborgs. You may resolve the conflict by playing with your favourite replacer active and then switching to this mod after embracing cybernetics.


Human Revolution by stallfish and Killorado – It has inspired me to work on Visible Cyborgs as well as provided valiable graphical assets without which this mod wouldn’t be here.
Animated Synthetics Portraits by silfae – I’ve used a graphical asset from this mod to make a cyborg version of molluscoid_11. And I’m probably going to use more in later updates.
Deadrick – not only he created a compatibility patch but also provided valuable graphical assets which are going to help me make even more cybernetic species.

Known Issues

Sometimes the game engine forgets to update the appearence of the leader after they become cyborgs. That’s a side effect of the method I use to preserve leaders phenotype. Save your game and then load it – the issue will be fixed. Alternatively, you may just enable the mod already after the completion of Flesh Is Weak special project.

In a very specific occasion, when you play custom made empire using human portrait your ruler may get wrong phenotype after becoming cyborg. In case you manage to get this problem. I’ve added special events viscyb.101 – viscyb.105 which changes the phenotype of your leader allowing you to get the right one.

Future Plans

I’m still working on the mod. More cybernetic versions of default species are going to be added soon. You may ask me to work with your favourite species in the Suggestions discussion.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Utopia
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.