Visible Cyborgs

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Author: Vehk
Last revision: 8 Jan at 07:07 UTC


Adds cybernetic versions of humans, and default humanoids portraits.

These portraits are used for cyborgs pops and leaders of appropriate species. You may enable this mod midgame even if someone have already completed the Flesh Is Weak special project or playing as Assimilators Machine Intelligence.

Obviously, you will require a DLC that adds cyborgs as a feature. It may be either Utopia or Synthetic Dawn. Though you don’t need both of them.

While I’ve edited some textures, all the graphical assets are either from the game itself or from the Human Revolution mod by stallfish and Killorado:

I’ve managed to find a way to preserve the original phenotype/colour of the leaders, so that Sidney Beauclair does not become asian midgame. However, this made me use a bit unorthodox way to change the portraits with a small drawback: the game may forget to update some of your leaders after they become cyborgs. Save and load will fix it.