Crisis Purge Fix

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Author: Law_Dog

Last revision: 1 Jan at 18:21 UTC

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**Testing Needed**

This Mod aims to fix script in the Swarm and Contingency crisis’ where the text "#TODO" was left by the devs where the event purge text should have gone. This is clearly an oversight as I found the needed script inside other events, as if they just forgot to slap it in there.

With that said, this was brought to my attention by another player after posting this:

Custom Crisis Trigger Policy


I do not have a current savegame that allows me to test this fix, as the galaxy I am currently playing would not survive long enough for me to check for appropriate purging.

If you have a savegame that is appropriate, please use this (And the above crisis triggering mod if need be) to test this bug fix for me. It "should" work, as it follows the script for other event puring, but who knows.

Please provide feedback if there are issues! Thank you.