Kingmaker 2.2: Better Vassals

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Author: Emperor Scorpio

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Have you ever noticed that the "create vassal" button seems to create a state with no real connection to your government nor its ethos? Have you ever wanted greater control over your vassals for role playing reasons?

This mod creates a planetary decision that allows you to mark a planet for release as a vassal. You can mark any planet, except your capital, and you can release them one at a time or more than one at once.

The vassal will be led by a member of your main species, if you so choose, or if you choose it to be led by a xeno, it will be lead by a random species that lives on the planet you have chosen. If anyone knows how to give the player a choice in exactly which species leads, I would appreciate the help with the code. There is now an option to make a tributary as well.

The vassal should match your authority and ethos.

There are two edicts as well, these will allow you to choose your vassal’s government and ethics, it applies to all of your vassals though, because I could not find a way to target certain ones, still better than before. Also, only base game things apply.

It only gets the planets you give to it, any other systems you want to give, you should gift to that vassal through diplomacy. You should be able to offer a system, for no charge through the trade options, and they will accept it as a gift.

Also, I have been told that the vassals lag behind you in technology. There is now a decision that should give all of your vassals your tech and keep them strong and helpful. Now be careful with this decision, because it will bring every one of your vassals up to your tech level. I could not find a better way.

This mod was made to combat the fact that Paradox now only allows sectors to be released as vassals, without letting you control the systems that go with the planet exactly and down to the last system.

I put it together kind of quickly, if there are problems I will try to address them when I get the time. Thank you for your understanding.


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