Species Discrimination on Job

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Author: NaK1119

Last revision: 9 Jun at 04:44 UTC (8)

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Warning!: Serious Display Bug

Now, menus of this mod triggered by decisions or edicts do NOT show actual current status.
Configurations that you set will be applied exactly to jobs and species, but the configurations may NOT be shown correctly in the menu. This means you must memorize or note down your configurations yourself.
It is caused by a bug of ‘scripted_loc’ in Stellaris 2.3.0/2.3.1.beta. So, the display bug of this mod will not be fixed until the scripted_loc bug of Stellaris is fixed.

この表示バグは、 Stellaris 2.3.0/2.3.1.beta の scripted_loc に関するバグに誘発されています。そのため、バニラ側のバグが修正されない限り本MODのバグも修正できません。


This mod is restricted version of Job Manager, and add only an edict that restructs freedom of job selection of each species by stratum. It has better compatibility with other mod, than Job Manager.
In this restricted version, you can provide that a species cannot work at ruler jobs, another species can work at only worker jobs, still another species can work at only specialist jobs, and…
Maybe ruler job is native privilege or maybe is opened everyone; maybe species having trait of agrarian should be forced to be worker or maybe should be given a chance of working at specialist or ruler job. You can enact this as you want.
Anyway, you can void this restruction in a specified planet by a planetary decision.

* This mod does not support hive mind empires and machine empires.
* This mod does not prevent the species produce leader such as president.
* I take no responsibility in regards to discontent of your pops.

Compatibility Information

Perhaps, this mod may not be applied to the jobs added/modified by another mod.

The following scripted triggers in "common/01_scripted_triggers_jobs.txt" are modified:

  • ruler_job_check_trigger
  • specialist_job_check_trigger
  • entertainer_job_check_trigger
  • worker_job_check_trigger

Add-ons of this mod

このMODは、Job Managerの簡易版で、各種族の職業選択の自由を階層単位で制限する布告のみを追加します。Job Managerと比べ、他MODとの互換性に優れます。

※ 集合意識や機械帝国には対応していません
※ リーダー(大統領等)の輩出については、このmodでは規制していません
※ このMODの使用により、貴国民が政権に不満を覚えたとしても、当社は責任を負いません



  • ruler_job_check_trigger
  • specialist_job_check_trigger
  • entertainer_job_check_trigger
  • worker_job_check_trigger