[NXS] L-Gate Access (2.2.1)

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Author: Nephatrine

Last revision: 12 Dec, 2018 at 20:10 UTC

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Inspired by L-Cluster Access by Spartan878.


This mod adds a policy to control how the L-Gates work. The options are:

* Forced Activation: This is how the L-Gates work in the vanilla game. Anyone can use the L-Gates. This can be useful during wartime but cuts both ways as enemies and crisis factions will be able to use them to spread as well. Unlike vanilla, this will increase trust growth and trade attractiveness as empires like open access.

* System Oversight: The L-Gates will now allow access in the same way normal Gateways do. Empires that control an L-Gate will prevent hostiles from using them as an endpoint. This is the new default option and is a compromise between full access and no access so gives no benefits or penalties.

* Forced Deactivation: No one will be able to use the L-Gates. This can be useful to "hide" part of your empire during war or endgame crises, but makes the gates worthless for travel. This will decrease trust growth and trade attractiveness as empires do not like being cut off.

To utilize this policy you need both the L-Gate Activation technology and control of the Terminal Egress system where the nexus L-Gate resides. Empires who control Terminal Egress but do not have L-Gate Activation now have a chance to draw it for research even if the gates are already open which will allow them to control access.

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