Banned! (2.2)

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Author: AlphaAsh
Last revision: 9 Jan at 14:02 UTC


When suppressing a faction just ain’t good enough.

This mod adds the ability to ban factions that aren’t supporters of your government ethos. For example, a militarist government cannot ban the militarist faction.

You must suppress a faction before you can ban it.

A ban is indefinite and can only be lifted by an edict. Maintaining a ban costs 1 Influence, same as suppressing a faction.

Banning a faction will effectively kill the faction. It will go away. Pops who were in the faction will get a chunky happiness penalty. How long that lasts is somewhat random and can be up to 5 years.

If you lift a ban, the faction is likely to reappear very quickly, often instantly.

Built against 2.2. Should be fine with 2.2.3b.
Do not use with State of Lies. It’s already in that.
Should be fine with a current save.
Not ironpants/cheev compatible.
Modifies all files in common/pop_faction_types/