Dynamic Economy

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Author: Daemon Lord

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Rewriting my old mod Dynamic Economy.

1. Adjusted Planet View to accomodate District Swapping – Accomodates Bigger Colonies 2.2 and similiar mods, Includes Bigger Planet View + 36 Building Slots (modified) which is UI Overhaul 1080p Plus compatible. Makes room for up to 72 displayed generator, mining, and agriculture districts. Extend the queue boxes and armies lists.

2. Distict Swapping is complete. Requires Master of Nature Ascension Perk and Ecological Adaptation. All Tile Blockers must be removed from the planet and there must be the same number of FREE districts of the district type you want to swap from. It CANNOT be performed on habitable structures or HIve, Machine, or Ecumenopolis. The cost is 750 Energy and Minerals and takes 120 days to complete regardless of the size of the planetary feature.

District Swapping works like this: It’s not really swapping districts. Districts are made available depending on the Planetary Features (Deposits). Planetary Features give 1, 2, or 3 Rural Districts (Generator, Mining, or Farming) and sometimes more with Special Deposits. So if you District Swap from Mining to Generator what’s really happening is one feature is being removed (one that gives mining districts) and another feature is added (one that gives generator districts). This works on a 1 for 1 bases meaning if the Planetary Feature gives 3 mining districts then when it is swapped it will give 3 generator districts.

To limit the number of Decisions displayed in the Decision window I have grouped all sizes (1, 2, and 3) into one Decision for each swap type. The decisions will offer to swap Planetary Features in ascending order. So, it will offer all the ones that give 1 district first, then it will offer all the ones that give 2, then 3. Each time you use the Desicion it will always cost the same and take the same time – regardless of the size of the Plantary Feature being swapped. In essence, it makes it cheaper as you swap bigger features. This is a side effect of having all three teirs in the same decisions.

The mod will only swap to and from the BASIC Planetary Features – never special features or features added from other mods. This is to prevent breaking the reasons for having those mods to begin with and things like precurser or special event deposits.

The ‘Roleplay’ for these decisions are abandonment in search of other planetary features or restructuring of planetary features to suit the specific needs of the empire/planet.

*technically working but not complete*

*to do*

1. Overwrite 00_colony_types to makes make the bonuses more worthwhile.
2. Create empire bonuses based on number of specialized planets in each category of Adminstration, Gathering, Production, Scientific, Defense, Slave, Resort, Thrall, and Military. This would take to much code. Not off radar but not worth the time ATM.
3. Create fluctuating planet economy. For my reference: Sliding scale of 1 to 100, base 50, randomly move based on certain factors. As the scale approaches either maximum the randomness should tend to move to the other side. These would be planetary in scope every 1,3 or 6 months. <50 should be negative, >50 should be positive.
4. Create empire wide situations that influence economy of all planets in the empire and possibly internal market.
5. Create galaxy wide situations that influence economy of all nations and possibly the public market.
6. Refine district swapping so it’s more random and in line with climite types as much as possible.
7. Prevent swapping if the swap would give a planet more than two rural district of one type then over the max districts of the planet.

*known issues*

1. I’ts possible to have more of one district than the total number of districts possible on a planet. IE. The planet is size 15 and comes stocked with 10 generator, 10 mining, and 10 farming districts. Potentially, the 10 mining and farming could become 20 generator making the generator districts 30 (15 more than the total possible). But, the code still limits how many you can build to 15. Working on a fix.


If you have any ideas that would work around a dynamic economy system post in the suggestions thread please: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1604309964/1741103267292920084/


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