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Author: Gratak

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You think that the AI is too slow in research while overwhelming you in allow production in early game? You think that the base influence production is way too low to expand at a decent pace? You think pop growth/assembly speed is too high/low? You think that three rivals are simply not enough for you? You want more starbases or starbase trade protected or collection range should be higher if you play with few planets settings? You think wars still end too fast because of war exhaustion? Or, or, or…

Then this mod is for you!

Extension to Dynamic Difficulty – Ultimate Customization or Standalone. Can be installed and uninstalled separately.


1. Allows you to easily add a total of 81 different modifiers (in 30-40 levels each, "-100% to +200%" being the standard range) to player(s) and/or AIs.
2. Can be combined with the modifiers of Dynamic Difficulty – Ultimate Customization or the vanilla difficulty modifiers.
3. Allows locking of the customized difficulty for MP or other reasons. Unlock via sub-mod. Also automatically locks all but host in MP.
4. Can set a difficulty randomness in the options of the mod: At the start of the game (or after one day in a running game) each AI empire rolls a dice. Depending on that roll, its bonuses are decreased up to the maximum given in the options. Bonuses/Maluses can even invert if more than 100% maximum randomness is chosen. If used, I advice to increase the base difficulty a bit, since this will reduce it in total (but might create a monster than devours weaker AI neighbors).


– Main menu can be opened via Mod Menu (same button as Dynamic Difficulty – Ultimate Customization)
– Alternatively, the menu is started via a Country Edict.


– Events only run when closing the menu or on mod initialization.
– Added static modifiers may slow down the game a bit: While I don’t touch them in a running game, Stellaris might do some internal checks that take longer if there are more static modifiers.


– Can be added into a running game. You need to wait 1 day in this case before being able to open the menu.
– Can be uninstalled during a game (removing all added modifiers). Simply removing the mod will leave over "?" modifiers (who won’t do anything), but there is an "uninstall" option in the Menu.
– Should have basically no conflicts with other mods (yes, compatible with Glavius and Starnet). The only thing I can think of is mods adding completely new empire types like the "Ascended Empire" of Zenith (which is supported). If you know of any other such mod, just tell me and I can easily add it as well.
– Does not overwrite or change a single vanilla game file.
– Created for Stellaris 2.3.*. Mostly compatible with 2.2.*. Some modifiers should work in 2.1.*, thus you could try it with that version. Modifiers not working in that version should mostly have empty localization, so you would recognize those. Currently incompatible with the 2.1.* version of the main Dynamic Difficulty mod though (due to the shared main menu). If requested, I can change this (though please test the standalone version in 2.1 before requesting).
– (Obviously) Not Achievement compatible.


– "pt","en","fr", "de","pl","ru", "es","simp_chinese" language files given but all mostly English. Most modifier and difficulty names are links to the Vanilla localization and are thus translated automatically.


– Modifying tech and tradition cost increase from empire sprawl does work, it just shows incorrectly in the empire sprawl tooltip. It is correctly computed and shown in the tech and tradition cost tooltips
– It is unfortunately impossible to modify the other three items of empire sprawl in a way that can be configured in-game. For some strange reason Paradox implemented those differently. If there is interest, I will release a mini-mod that reduces (or increases) those. I would suggest halving them.
– Alternatively, one could reduce the total empire sprawl penalties and increase tradition and tech cost from empire sprawl. But this would have different effects between megacorps and non-megacorps.
– If there are any other modifiers that you think are missing or that are not doing what you expect, please tell me here or on my channel in the discord server[discord.gg]

Sci-fi stuff[eyeseeblack.deviantart.com] by EyeSeeBlack[eyeseeblack.deviantart.com]
Sci Fi Matte Painting 091917[rich35211.deviantart.com] by rich35211[rich35211.deviantart.com]

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