VOICEROID Portraits(yukari, maki, kotonoha sisters and so on) – Updated for 2.2*

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Author: TheBlueSky

Last revision: 6 Jan at 17:00 UTC

File size: 3.67 MB

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This mod adds portraits of voiceroid characters like Yuzuki Yukari, Tsurumaki Maki, Kotonoha sisters, Kizuna Akari, Otomachi Una, Tohoku sisters and also adds flags – Yukari’s Rabbit Mark.

This mod doesn’t add names.

Default name of homeworld is VOICE, maybe you need to change it.

This mod is my first mod, so there might be bugs or the mod doesn’t work well.

I update my mod for 2.2*

Thank you verry much for artists of KAWAWII SCGs

blueberry さん
かみち さん
からい さん