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Author: Vaeringjar

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Want to know what leviathans and ruins have spawned in your galaxy? Without needing to use console commands to looks around for them? Maybe you use a mod that tries to make all spawn? S.S.N. will tell you which entities have spawned and which have not!

Mod version: 1.1 for Stellaris 2.2.*


Tells the player what entities have spawned in the galaxy.

Works for:
– trader enclaves
– special systems (some)
– ruined megastructures
– leviathans

See images for detailed list. (texts outdated)


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> On a new game, it will trigger at game start.

> If adding mid-game, or if you just want to get a reminder, you can trigger it manually: "event spawn_notification.2". Note: if a leviathan dies, it will still be reported as "found"; but if a trader enclave is destroyed, it will probably be marked as not found.

Ironman: No iron here, only alloys.

How it works:

For the curious: Almost all unique spawns "flag" the system they’re spawned at, so, this mod simply looks if the "flag" of each spawn is present in the galaxy. Trader enclaves however, each receive a unique "country flag", so it looks for that instead.


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