Magnum’s Mods – Leader University

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Author: Magnum

Last revision: 1 Jan at 18:22 UTC

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For version 2.2.* (MegaCorp)

Be aware that this is an early version and might be some bugs. Also this is not yet balanced.


Ever wondered what could become of your leader if he/she got back to Leader University? Wonder no more. With this mod you can train your leaders to get additional traits or remove a detrimental trait.

* tech requirements for traits are respected
* empire properties for traits are respected (like no slaver trait for non slaver empires; machine empires get their correct traits)
* multiple leaders can be trained at once
* increased cost with each training done (energy and influence)
* fixed length of 8 month

Planned stuff:
* don’t show leaders that have nothing to upgrade
* respect opposite traits (currently opposites traits are added as well)
* different weights for certain traits (i.e. make psyonic less likely to receive)
* more flavor text
* increased length for each subsequent training
* more balancing 🙂
* own graphics/icons
* first ruler having a randomised flag set for their non-ruler career (general/admiral/governor/scientist) (disappears if they lose an election)


Compatibility: Overwrites the containerWindowType "maingui_left_bar_buttons"

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