Mobile Suit Gundam: Stellaris 1.9 Legacy Edition

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Author: Not Paladin

Last revision: 24 Feb, 2018 at 04:11 UTC

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This is a continuation of the original Zeon Mod made by Lupin-test.

Welcome to the 9.0.0 Patch! Now with Obsolescence!

Want to help with the mod? We need modelers, texturers, and translators!

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Many of the things included in this version are NOT final.

This version includes an entire new tech system which tries to include as many MS as possible and is still being worked on.

Got rid of old technology altogether.
Removed army attachments.
Added a set of new MS and MA ships: Zaku I, Zaku I Commander, Zaku II, Zaku II Commander, Rick Dom, Rick Dom Commander, Gelgoog, Gelgoog Commander, Big Zam, Val Varo, Zeong, Psycommu Zaku, Elmeth, Reuse-P Zaku, Ball, Guntank, Guntank MPT, Guncannon, Gundam, GM, and GM Commander.
Added new weaponry for all of them.
Added new pilots and pilot icons.
Added unique armor icons for Zaku I, II, Rick Dom, and Gelgoog.
Added around 40 new sections and camo schemes to pick from.
Filled out more strikecraft – 90 Zeon, 71 EFSF.
Added new models: Gundam, Guncannon, GM Group, numerous Ace camos,
Added turrets to Rewloola, Chivvay, and Chivvay Kai.
Added one new Zeon flag.
New test portraits.

Notes and Things to Remember:
The MS bug should be fixed, but if you still get it, let me know.

If the balance of a weapon, trait, or ship is off, let me know.

The mod currently includes:
24 Flag Icons.
155 Zeon Portraits (117 Male, 38 Female).
103 EFSF Portraits (78 Male, 25 Female).
5 Custom Races.
147 Technologies.
14 Mobile Suit Weapons.
29 Mobile Suit Utilities.
197 Custom Hangars.
1 New Ship Type: Assault Carrier.
21 New MS and MA Ships.
10 Zeon Ships, the Pazock, Papua, Jicco, Gagaul, Musai, Chivvay, Chivvay Kai, Rewloola, Gwazine, and Dolos.
15 EFSF Ships, the Lepanto, Salamis, Salamis Kai, Nelson, Magellan (Origin, Green, Blue, White), Ananke, Trafalgar, White Base, Grey Phantom, Albion, and Antietam.

Credits and Thanks:
To the original author Lupin-test, without whom we would not be working on this project.
O’Neil Cylinder, Papua, Musai, Musai turrets, Chivvay Classes, Rewloola, Lepanto, Salamis Classes, Magellan Classes, Pegasus Class, Ball, Nelson, Antietam, EFSF turrets, New Zeon Turrets by 베이클라이트.
All Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors, Pazock, Jicco, Gagaul, Gagaul turrets, Gwazine, Gwazine turrets, Dolos, new Icons, and texturing by FrAsh.
Columbi for new portraits, humans icons, and armor icons.
ПΛПО Dragoon for strikecraft icons, tech icons, and model and texturing of the new MS Ships.
Solomon McKay for the German translation.
楽園の支払う巫女 for the Chinese translation.
Original Zeon, Axis, Neo Zeon, EFSF and Titan Faction Icons by byk.987, maker of the Fandom Emblems Mod.

Seperate portrait mod found here:

Seperate shipset/namelist mod found here: