Priacy Suppression Stations

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Author: But Me Raider

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If you’re anything like me, you’re loving the 2.2.x updates, and have thoroughly enjoyed many of the changes save for a few gripes.

Well, one thing that has consistently annoyed me is how many corvette fleets I have to maintain to suppress piracy, especially in large empires where it becomes completely unbearable. (Additionally, making even the slightest change to the path trade takes, or to one of the fleets means an endless stream of micromanaging to fix everything)

No longer! This mod takes advantage of the fact that every starbase (even un-upgraded ones) have the capacity for at least three defense platforms. Hence, defense platforms now have piracy supression.

Base level small stations have provide 5 piracy suppression. Additionally, I’ve also added a second line of combat computers that trade off some of the combat power for increased piracy suppression. I’m also planning on adding a component that trades off station combat capabilities for a bonus to piracy suppression.

Each combat computer trades off some tracking for the bonus to piracy suppression (so the stations are better for suppression than they are for combat)

I see the value of these changes as two fold: first, it decreases unnecessary clutter while not entirely making corvette fleets outdated. While I haven’t tested this in full, I’d imagine early on it’s much more efficient to patrol systems, and later on defense platforms can be used to suppress piracy in those random systems that don’t produce much piracy.

If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them, and I make no claims about any of this being balanced. Also, I have no idea how the AI will handle these platforms, so just a fair warning.