Enhanced Habitats

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Author: Draconas

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This allows the construction of a "mining habitat" around stars with energy deposits, or planets or asteroids with mineral deposits once you have the Voidborn ascension perk (so they unlock at the same time as regular habitats). The mining habitat will have a near solar collection district or an surface mining district instead of a cultural district, allowing you to extract more raw materials from your celestial body.

The maximum number of solar / mining districts a habitat can support is equal to the size of the deposit on the original body (and capped at 5 e.g. almost all your habitat given over to mining), so asteroids that only have a size 1 mineral deposit are not good candidates. Solar and asteroid habitats will gain a +25% boost to energy/mineral collection as it is much easier to harvest solar energy from next to the star or mine minerals that are floating around in nearby asteroids.
Mining habitats around planets are not as good, as they have to bring the minerals up from the planets gravity well so take a 15% penalty to mineral production.

Gestalt empires gain mining districts in addition to their regular districts, and keep reactor districts around stars, but still gain the bonus. Mining habitats can build the mineral purification centre building.


Utopia DLC

Hab’s not buildable?

Have the option to build a mining hab but nothing happens when you press it? or right click on a star with energy or asteroid with mineral it does not give an option to build?
The most likely reason is that your target is not a valid build target for some reason, but if no megastructure is a valid build target, there is a bug in 2.2.x that the game does not show any of the build megastructures dialogues that tell you exactly why you can’t build them. This is very annoying and forces you to guess, I have reported a bug but we have to wait until PDX fixes it. They haven’t yet and its now 2.2.6, I reported it in 2.2.3

Since PDX are not fixing it in a hurry, I have created another mod that creates a dummy megastructure to force the dialog to appear Can’t Build Megastructure Reason

Common reasons

  • The star, planet or asteroid field must not have a mining station. Dismantle any mining station in orbit.
  • There cannot be another megastructure on that star or asteroid field.
  • A star must have a energy deposit.
  • An asteroid field must have a mineral deposit.
  • The star cannot be a black hole, even if it has an energy deposit. Your colonists refuse to live there.
  • The planet must have a mineral deposit, and be one of the planet classes that the vanilla game puts mineral deposits on.


This mod makes a minor changes to the habitat leisure district and the mineral processing facility building, everything else is new code and mining habitats are the same planet class as habitats so should be effected by all other habitat mods.
Mining habitats can only be built around mineral rich planets that the vanilla game can spawn a mineral deposit on. Thus if a mod adds mineral deposits to extra planet types, you probably still won’t be able to build a mining habitat on them.


@oblevdorohmsic has provided a simplified Chinese language file. Many thanks.

If you would like to help translate into your language, the English language file is at
https://github.com/draconas1/enhanced-hab/blob/master/localisation/english/enhanced-habitats_l_english.yml if you are familiar with git then feel free to fork and create a pull request when you are done. If you have no idea about how to use github, don’t worry: download the file, and upload your localised version to pastebin or similar and let me know in the comments and I will handle the rest.

Staggered Habitats

This mod is an offshoot of Staggered Habitats where I moved the extra features into a separate mod to allow for a vanilla faster habitat experience without how the resource production would effect game balance. The 2 mods are completely compatible, but mining habitats are not buildable without voidborn.


Going all the way – Starborn lets you dispense with planets altogether and your species entirely lives in habitats that are customised based on the orbital depoists. Starborn The mods are all compatible, but starborn superseeds both others.

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More Stuff

If you have more habitat enhancement features, then let me know!


Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Utopia

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