Origins Civics Beta

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Author: cbshing

Last revision: 4 Mar, 2019 at 01:11 UTC (4)

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Welcome to the Origins Civics beta branch, where I will update periodically with hot code as I create new /reworked features. Please visit the main mod for a more stable branch/full description of features.

Below is a list of featuers currently in this branch. The beta branch is updated to the Planets & Pops update.

New Features
  • Life-Seeded, Post-Apocalyptic available for Hive-Minds & MegaCorp (requires appropriate DLC)
  • Syncretic Evolution, Mechanist, Codominant Evolution available for MegaCorp (requires appropriate DLC)
  • Hive World start available for Hive Mind (requires appropriate DLC)
  • Climate Shift, Nuclear Vault, Nuclear Mutation available for MegaCorp (requires appropriate DLC)
  • Eternal Leader/Digitally Eternal available for MegaCorp (requires appropriate DLC)

Updated Features
  • Climate Shift for Regular Empire
  • Nuclear Vault (unique deposit instead of building), Nuclear Mutation Civics for Regular Empire & Hive Empire (requires appropriate DLC)
  • Codominant Evolution for Regular Empire (requires appropriate DLC)
  • Machine World for Machine Empire (requires appropriate DLC)
  • Nuked Start for Machine Empire (able to use with Servitor & Assimilator) (requires appropriate DLC)
  • Eternal Leader/Digitally Eternal for Regular Empire (requires appropriate DLC). Boon Mechanic Added for Eternal & Digitally Eternal Leaders
  • Habitat Rework in preparation for Voidborne. Habitat Districts are customized via Planetary Decisions, allow you to select which districts you want in your habitat. Habitats have specialization bonuses. Foundry District is a new district type, providing metallurgist jobs. All Habitat Districts provide housing and jobs equivalent to a tier2 planetary building. You can construct most buildings on habitats now.

To be added
  • Eternal Leader Events
  • Voidborne
  • Lost Colony/Exiled Colony
  • Alien Message/Alien Invaded
  • Ecological Disaster/Titanic Disaster
  • Colony of Earth, Colony of Man
  • Dyson Engineers
  • And More!

  • Compatible with 2.2.*
  • Available in all languages, though all the text is in English.
  • Overwrites Syncretic Evolution, Mechanists, Post-Apocalyptic, & Life-Seeded civic to be available for MegaCorps.
  • Overwrites file 03_habitat_districts and the following buildings research_lab_1, commercial_zone, luxury_residences, holo_theatres, energy_grid for habitats.
  • Scripted trigger has_encountered_other_species was overwritten.
  • Ironman Compatible, NOT Achievement Compatible

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.