Mass Effect Reaper Crisis

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Authors: Vengeance From Above, Red-Eyed_Fairace
Last revision: 15 Jan at 18:48 UTC


This is a Contingency replacer, I know there is already a mod for that, but I just decided to refine the concept. Please rate and leave suggestions in the comment section below.

Replaces –

– Contingency shipset with Reaper shipset.
– Ambient crisis sound with Reaper sounds.
– Contingency dialogue with Sovereign quotes.
– Contingency flag with Reaper flag.
– Changed Contingency map color to black.
– Changed species names.
– Contingency namelist with custom Reaper namelist.
– Particle Lance sound with Reaper laser sound.

WIP: Reaper Portrait, Replacing Cybrex with Protheans.

Machine Empire disabling fixed.

Recommended mods –

– Wide fleet formation. (So the Reapers don’t look all compacted together.)
– Slow speed battles. (So it looks epic like in ME3.)

Mod compatibility –
-Crisis Manager Endgame overwrites Reaper customisation.

Credit to Red-Eyed_Fairace for the Reaper shipset.