!Less Deceptive Political Power

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Stellaris Pop Politics LIES. This foul Issue must be addressed.

Did you ever known that there is MIN and MAX for stability impact from Pop’s political power?

Maximum Political Power for POSITIVE impact is capped at 2.0.
While MINIMUL Political Power for NEGATIVE impact is capped at 0.5!

This means, that, political power system is nothing more than a DECEPTION.

Your Happy Pop will NOT increase stability with factor more than 2.0, even if Pop has Political Power of 10!
Your Unhappy Pop, WILL generate negative stability with factor min-capped at 0.5, even if it has ZERO political Power!

Furthermore, even Ethics Attraction and Faction Attraction LIES!

Theoretically upto 20% of your Pops may join faction with 10% attraction. WOW!
Theoretically, your governing faction with 50% attraction can lose its member until only 25% of total pops remaining at faction!

This is reason WHY you get unreasonable political nonsense, and IS the reason why Hive Mind is so overpowered.

Growing cheating and corruption must be addressed….

what this mod do?

Min Political Power for Positive Stability (PP for PS)
Zero -> 0.1

Max PP for PS
2.0 -> 5.0

Min Political Power for Negative Stability (PP for NS)
0.50 (WOW) -> 0.1

Also tweaks pop ethics attraction matter and faction attraction matter to make it LESS deceptive.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.