Fatal Foundations Story Pack [2.3]

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Author: TFL

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The bonds between our realities are breaking down. Things that should not exist are finding their way through. How can we fight that which we cannot comprehend?


-New Mid-game Crisis: Overgrowth
-New Event Chains
-New Anomalies
-New L-Gate Event [Distant Stars Required]
-New Excavation [Ancient Relics Required]
-New Quests


No DLC’s are mandatory, but some events will not fire without them.
No vanilla files overwritten.
Save game compatible.
Not expressly tested with any other mods, so if any conflicts arise, let me know.

Special thanks to Meishashier for the Chinese translation!

For all the good we tried to do, we only made things worse. This planet holds treasures greater than all of our empires combined. Yet if you’re reading this, you know that you cannot take it.

Within these riches is a curse, and to release it is to bring ruin on this galaxy.

Message found on a Barren planet. Translated from Evandari.