Fatal Foundations Story Pack [2.2]

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Author: TFL
Last revision: 12 Feb at 17:16 UTC


The bonds between our realities are breaking down. Things that should not exist are finding their way through. How can we fight that which we cannot comprehend?


-New Mid-game Crisis: Overgrowth
-New Event Chains
-New Anomalies
-New L-Gate Outcome [Distant Stars Required]
-New Quests


No DLC’s are mandatory, but some events will not fire without them.
No vanilla files overwritten.
Save game compatible.
Not expressly tested with any other mods, so if any conflicts arise, let me know.

Special thanks to Meishashier for the Chinese translation!

Interesting… After optimizing the electromagnetic pathways within the superluminal focusing beam, we’re seeing a 32.55 percent increase in Stage One rapid growth. This, combined with the previous quantum looping algorithm, should increase our food output tenfold at the least!

Incredible. Now it’s hit 53 percent.
188% now.
This isn’t right. It should have smothered itself before this point. It’ll break containment. Shut it down. SHUT IT-