Dragon Species and Aleran Commonwealth

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Author: Reika

Last revision: 28 Nov, 2018 at 23:15 UTC

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Now you can spread dragons across the stars, with a new species and portrait group. No animations, but there is a significant variety in image portraits.

There is also a new species trait "Dragon", which comes with various effects to help your species better resemble how one would imagine dragons to be. There is also a custom name list, though that is still a work in progress.

There is also a custom advisor voice, geared primarily for use with the Aleran Commonwealth (see below). There is also a new starting system to choose, Aleris (so named for the Alerans), including some of its neighbors.


The mod also comes with one prescripted country, the Aleran Commonwealth. Focused on scientific progress and moral governance, they are specifically geared for a mix of peaceful and rapid expansion and putting an end to the harms of the more evil or incompetent neighbors.

They have special civics, scripting, and more to aid them in both goals, and have bonuses against what they find to be misguided, incompetent, or despotic-type empires (slavers, religious zealots, purgers, etc). This, however, comes at the cost of making typical wars of conquest far more difficult and expensive.

Their influence gain from rivalries and factions is minimal compared to a normal empire, but to compensate, expansion is somewhat cheaper for them, and they have a special building – the "Commonwealth Library" – which can be built in some cases to generate that missing influence, as well as accelerate scientific progress.

They also have custom dialogue for diplomacy, which should give a very clear impression of when they consider you backwards or an active harm to ‘sentient life or reason itself’.

As an AI player, they can be either a strong and reliable ally, or a grave threat, depending on how you treat your population, sentient or not. In other words, they really care about the well-being of both their and your citzens, and if your empire relies on slavery, subpar living conditions, or all-out genocide of ‘xenos’, they might see destroying your empire as an acceptable price to pay to ensure that well-being.