Easy Mode Policies 2.2

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Author: Law_Dog

Last revision: 21 Feb, 2019 at 00:30 UTC (4)

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This mod now includes eight, four-tiered policies designed to provide maximum flexibility to players in the form of various grouped bonuses. These policies are available only to the player and can be turned on and off at will.

Despite recently adding three new policies and expanding an existing policy, my hope is to continue to develope this mod into the future. I will continue to try to streamline the policies while providing players the maximum amount of choice when it comes to customizing difficulty and game expirience. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment!

**Please read "Information" below before you assume there is something wrong with the bonuses**


**The text "(+/- #)" means the value for that item will change the indicated amount from the listed Tier I amount, although it always maintaines the same rate of increase unless otherwise mentioned (I.E. x2 between each tier OR "Static")**

Standard Resources:

Provides production bonuses for Minerals, Energy, Food, Consumer Goods, Unity, and Influence.

  • Tier I – 25%
  • Tier II – 50%
  • Tier III – 75%
  • Tier IV – 100%

Advanced Resources:

Provides production bonuses for Alloys (+10% Static), Exotic Gasses, Volatile Motes, Rare Crystals, Living Metal, Zro, Dark Matter, and Nanites.

  • Tier I – 25%
  • Tier II – 50%
  • Tier III – 75%
  • Tier IV – 100%


Provides a Research Speed increase.

  • Tier I – 25%
  • Tier II – 50%
  • Tier III – 75%
  • Tier IV – 100%

Societal Prosperity:

Provides an bonus to Government Ethics Attraction, Population Happiness, Population Upkeep, Population Growth Speed (+10%), Amenities Production, Empire Size Penalty, Mega-Structure Build Speed, Starbase Capacity (2), Administrative Capacity (10), and Planet Build Speed.

  • Tier I – 15%
  • Tier II – 30%
  • Tier III – 45%
  • Tier IV – 60%

Military Defensive Capabilities:

Provides the following Ship and Army bonuses: Hull Points and Regeneration, Armor and Regeneration, Shields and Regeneration, Disengagement Chance (+5%), Evasion, FTL Jump Cooldown (+10%), Army Health, and Starbase Damage.

  • Tier I – 5% Armor/Hull/Shields/Army/Starbase Dmg
  • Tier II – 10% Armor/Hull/Shields/Army/Starbase Dmg
  • Tier III – 20% Armor/Hull/Shields/Army/Starbase Dmg
  • Tier IV – 40% Armor/Hull/Shields/Army/Starbase Dmg
  • Tier I – .8% Ship Regeneration
  • Tier II – 1.2% Ship Regeneration
  • Tier III – 1.8% Ship Regeneration
  • Tier IV – 2.5% Ship Regeneration

Military Offensive Capabilities:

Provides the following Ship and Army bonuses: Weapons Damage, Weapons Range, Orbital Bombardment Damage , Fire Rate, Accuracy, Tracking, Army Collateral Damage and Army Damage.

  • Tier I – 5% Damage / 10% Other
  • Tier II – 10% Damage / 20% Other
  • Tier III – 20% Damage / 40% Other
  • Tier IV – 40% Damage / 80% Other


Provides bonuses to Ship Speed, Sensor Range, FTL Speed, Anomoly Research Speed (+5%), Anomoly DIscovery Chance (+5%), and Survey Speed (+5%).

  • Tier I – 10%
  • Tier II – 20%
  • Tier III – 30%
  • Tier IV – 50%
  • These Policies were designed for game expirience customization, not as a "God Mode"
  • Due to the language used in the mod, some tooltips (Job resource production, etc) may not reflect actual increases in production. Always check total empire output.
  • Due to language in the mod, Research Output will not visibly change, but research speed will still increase as intended. As a result, any changes made will only be recognizable in the remaining time of current technologies being researched (I’m working on finding a more user-friendly modifier)
  • I appologize in advance for the first option under Societal Prosperity. I couldn’t help myself…
  • I have bundled these modifiers together in a way that makes sense to me. If you have suggestions on how I could make it better, or you have ideas for new policies, please let me know!

No known incompatibilities. Works fine with my other policy mods (See below).




  • Changing the function of "Research" policy from +research speed to +research production (So players can visualize the impact of the policy on production)
  • All other aforementioned Policies have been added! If you have suggestions for streamlining the policies, improving the bundles, or needs not met here, please let me know!



Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.