Romulan Star Empire (Achievement compatible) (Star Trek)

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This mod adds a new empire to the game, based off of the Romulan Star Empire from Star Trek.

This mod uses only vanilla assets. The empire was created using the in-game editor.

This mod does NOT modify the checksum. You can play for achievements with this mod.


No DLC is required to use this mod.


The Romulans originated from dissident Vulcans who rejected Surak’s philosophy of peace during the Time of Awakening. Romulans emigrated from their original homeworld, Vulcan, to Romulus some thousands of years ago.

The Romulan Star Empire is known for its xenophobic character and policies of extreme secrecy, subterfuge, and territorial expansionism. The Romulan Star Empire tends to conquer species rather than form alliances with them, and individual Romulans tend to treat other species with varying degrees of disdain.

Similarly to the Vulcan Confederacy, the Romulan Star Empire is governed by various oligarchic councils, including the Romulan Senate, led by a Praetor who functions as the head of state. PWB stands for "Praetorian WarBird".

The Romulans are from Star Trek. The Romulan Star Empire is in a similar vain to the Commonwealth of Man. For the best immersion and role-playing, ensure that the Vulcan Confederacy also spawns in your game.


+ Conformists (Romulans all conform to their government’s ethics of aggression) (Replaces Traditional when compared to Vulcans)

+ Natural Physicists (Romulans specialize in physics, for example disruptors and cloaking) (Replaces Intelligent when compared to Vulcans)

+ Adaptive (Romulans adapted to the wet climate of Romulus but since they are descendants of Vulcans they are still able to effectively live in drier climates such as Vulcan) (Replaces Enduring when compared to Vulcans)

– Solitary (Romulans value isolation for meditation)

– Slow Breeders (Romulans only breed once every 7 years during their "Pon farr" or "heat" cycle)


* Militarist (Romulans rejected Surak’s philosophy of peace, they prefer to assert dominance over others)

* Authoritarian (Romulans value state control and central power)

* Xenophobe (Romulans do not accept other races or cultures)


* Citizen Service (the military is quite central to the Romulan Star Empire)

* Cutthroad Politics (the Romulan Star Empire has quite an aggressive government that regulates its citizens)

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