The Octavio

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Author: Vic20
Last revision: 6 Apr at 13:04 UTC


"Long ago, Octavio, the most eccentric and brilliant, not to mention richest, member of a space faring civilisation decided to make his own way in the universe. He liquidated his vast assets and boarded his private colony ship before taking to the stars. He travelled in cryosleep for uncounted centuries while his progenitor race followed their own destiny and became long since lost to history. Eventually, his ship located a suitable habitable world and began the automated process of colonisation. By the time Octavio awoke from his long hibernation, the ship had done its work and his first fully functional, albeit empty, city awaited him. Octavio had decided that the only person he could rely upon was himself and used the cutting edge cloning technology he had brought with him to create a new race based upon his own, in his mind, perfect form. Within a few years, he has taken his place as supreme ruler of a new civilisation of millions of his own clones spanning dozens of cities across his new homeworld of Octavio Prime".


New Portraits: The Octavio are a race of clones with a male and female variant of the original Octavio character. The portraits are static but there are multiple minor colour variants of each clothing type, plus a number of variant facial tattoos, to add as much variety as is possible within a cloned species.

New City-Type: There is a unique city associated with the Octavio that can be selected at the empire creation stage. A new Octavio Ecumenopolis backdrop has been added to the mod.

New Name List: The Octavio have their own name list that has been adapted from the SPQR name list. The main change is the alteration of the the surnames to reference the character’s alphanumeric clone batch.

Important Legal Note: The Octavio are quite clearly a mod designed as a homage and expy of The Horatio from Endless Space 2. However, this mod uses 100% entirely Stellaris (Paradox Interactive) art assets that have been adapted and modified; no art assets have been taken from Endless Space 2. This is purely a mod inspired by concepts in Endless Space 2 and this is not in way a challenge to the intellectual copyrights or trademarks owned Amplitude Studios SAS or SEGA .

Why are the Octavio not animated?
Very simply, I don’t have the technical skills at present, or any time soon, to make the character portraits animated.

Why no ships?
As above, if I lack the skills to make animated portraits, I certainly lack the skills to make a ship set. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the the Elves of Stellaris mod ship set and I think the style suits the Octavio perfectly.

Why no traits to make them more like the Horatio?
With the upcoming changes to Stellaris coming in Le Guin/Megacorp, there’s not much point adding in specific new species traits or civics that may not work well in the new system. Please bear in mind that Endless Space 2 and Stellaris are very very different games and the systems do not easily cross over. Personally I think that Genetic Ascension will cover much of this (despite the fact Genetic Ascension is still somewhat sub-par compared to the other two paths, although 2.2 may address this).

Can I adapt the Octavio into my own mod?
Feel free to use any art assets associated with the Octavio in your own mods and you don’t have to ask my permission to do so. However, I have put a great many hours into developing and adapting these portraits and I would very much appreciate, if you include the Octavio portraits in your own mod, that you please give credit as a professional courtesy.

Can I help with improving or making the Octavio portraits animated?
While I lack the animation skills to make animated portraits at present, if there is anyone out there that does have the skills, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to provide the raw image files used to make the portraits for you to play with.

Upcoming Features: I have added additional clothing styles to the portraits and have made some very subtle tweaks to the portraits to improve the image quality of the portraits. I am looking into seeing if certain portraits can be assigned to specific jobs (as the population is a bit random at the moment). There was a reported issue about custom species causing issues with pop upkeep, but unless it proves to be a game breaking bug, I’m going to let Paradox fix that in an upcoming hotfix.