Soviet – America – Nazi Trait

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Author: Yukitaka Oni
Last revision: 4 Apr at 19:58 UTC


Welcome to the meme war. Don’t take this too serious and enjoy the fun of my mod.
– Mainly focus: Trait, Leader Trait and few edicts
– Not mod compatible.

If you feel too trigger about politic, don’t use this mod. You have been warned, Enjoy.

Special thanks to Mobius and Sergeant Grease

Next update: After a long battle against the corruption. The creator of this mod has finally fallen to defeat the corruption from within…..the dark time for the great trio ideology are now stained with the dark and corruption of the human’s nature….but before giving up, the creator had injected a small amount of memes to keep the people remember the good’ol day, hoping that the people will not give up….