Avian02 Dimorphism (Space Duck)

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Author: Gnefitisis一三

Last revision: 18 Oct, 2016 at 03:41 UTC

File size: 9.96 MB

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Updated for 2.2.*

Still good for 1.2.*

Ironman Compatible

Version compatibility notice (IMPORTANT!!)
Hi, for those of you that still play lower version games (like me still in 1.2.5~!!), this mod will be FOREVER up to date, UNLESS you notice serious graphical issues with this mod!
If you noticed wierd glitches, please let me know below!

This mod used to be simple… This mod gives gender dimorphism to avian 2 by modifying the default male AND females. This mod gives gender dimorphism to avian 2 by giving females narrower beaks, fully desaturated crests, and slightly dulled feathers, in order to destinguish them from more colorful males.

Note the spirit of this mod is so that within each color variation there are differences between the genders, even at the palette level.

Available now on console!