!Strike Craft Expanded ( REBORN )

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Authors: Space_Lettuce_OG, Parse

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NSC2: For carriers and ship behaviors
Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=683230077

Vanilla Patch Here:

LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565075394
You need both this mod as well, to use the vanilla patch.
You do not need Guilli’s Ship Components mod if using the Vanilla Patch.


If you’ve played Stellaris for even a few games, you probably know what we all know, strike craft are trash. They’re objectively worse than guns, since they can die and therefore have their DPS reduced, and take longer to reach a target than a gun.

This mod aims to fix this by taking the following design philosophy:

The only way to give strike craft a chance of competing with guns is by increasing their regen rate as well as total number of craft in a wing to give strike craft a more stable DPS and good staying power. They can however still be killed, but they have a much higher regen rate, and therefore have a more stable DPS. Another design choice to further stabalize the DPS of strike craft was to narrow the gap between the min and max damage. All strike craft speeds have been increased as well, to minimize the lag before they actually start applying DPS when a battle starts, as well as throughout. All strike craft have also had their maximum range extended quite a bit, much further than even the longest range guns, and strike craft now follow a ship behavior pattern that suits their type of strike craft(This one was a pain to implement)!

So, now that we got viable strike craft giving us stable DPS, what makes them any different than a gun? Just fancy strike craft flying around, but on paper just the same as a gun, right? Nope! I wanted strike craft to offer a unique alternative to a gun, as it should, so what makes strike craft unqiue is that with this mod is:

They’re made unique by…
– Their DPS can fluctuate as strike craft get killed and then replenished. They may have a higher regen rate and ship count, that will stabilize thier DPS, and give them staying power, but they can and will die, giving DPS fluctuations.
– They have a much longer range than guns, with the trade-off of it taking time for them to get in range of their target.
– With the extended range, you can set your carrier’s ship behavior to stay as far away from the front line as possible, which helps keep it alive, and while alive it can dish out it’s DPS, adding to it’s usefulness to the fleet.

As if useful strike craft were’nt enough!…

In addition to the 2 types of strike crafts added by the original mod ( Interceptors and Gunships )….
This mod also adds in teir 4 strike craft and 3 teir 5 variant with unique perks based on specific acension paths you might have choses (Psionic, Gene-Modification, Cybernetic). This adds more a little more depth to your motives for choosing which acension path to go down, and well as some rewards for choosing one.

For those of you wondering where the heavy fighters are from the original mod, well we had to get rid of them, because they served no purpose other than being just objectivley better fighters, rather than a unique option.


– Balanced, useful, non-broken strike craft!
– Interceptors and Gunships
– Teir 4 strike craft (Uses Gullis Component’s research for teir 4 strike craft.)
– 3 teir 5 variants based on acension paths (Psionic, Gene-Modification, Cybernetic). They require teir 4 strike craft research to be completed, and the correct acension perk in order to unlock the option to do research for the teir 5 variants.

About ship behavior AI

Each acension craft variant will have te same damage DPS as a teir 4 strike craft, but will have boosts to a specific damage type bonus, an increase in speed, an increase in either armor, hull, or shields (only 1 of the 3), as well as an additional bonus.

– Will charge out towards the enemy fleet.
– Not picky about their target’s size.

– Will fly in to do an attack, then retreat out of point defense gun’s range and fly towards their home carrier or the center of the fleet, and then loop back around for another attack. The time between attacks should be roughly around their weapons colldown time in cases where they are at longest range. This was tested with Advanced ship behavior modules, and their carrier having 120 artillery as it’s behavior.
– If there are enemies right on top of their home carrier/fleet then they will not do straffing runs, as their "retreat point" is swarming with enemies. In this case you will see them behave similair to fighters.
– They will prefer targets that are larger, so they will target the bigger ships before targeting smaller ships.

– Gunships will charge out towards the enmy, much like a fighter.
– They will will prefer to engage smaller targets first, but not by much. You will still find they will not fly a long distance just to engage a corvette over a cruiser, they will just engage the corvette.

– They will try and stick close to the fleet, although I gave them a lot more wiggle room to move around than in the original mod.
– They will highly prioritize smaller targets(Missiles, strike craft, corvettes).

About Acension Crafts:

– +10% Armor Damage.
– +10% Hull Damage.
– +20 to personal shields HP.
Slight boost to evasion. varies by craft type. Only slight as to not become unhittable.

– +25% Damage to armor.
– +20 to personal hull HP.
Slightly faster regen rate.

– +25% Damage to hull.
– +20 to personal armor HP.
– +50 boost to speed.
Slightly better tracking and accuracy


Well, because Strike craft were broken af, and I really like carriers.


– Should be compatible with most if not all mods.
– Is compatible with, and overwrites, the base game’s, Gullis’ Components mod’s, and Adv. Ship Behavior Modules’s strike craft files.


None known at the moment.

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I was given permission from Parse to upload this overhauled version of the original mod.
Big thanks to Parse for making the original mod, and helping me out on this mod with the GFX, localization, brainstorming, and feedback.
Icon were modified by – Chirumiru ShiRoz and Space_Lettuce_OG

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