Playable Contingency

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Author: BrutishMrFish

Last revision: 8 Feb, 2019 at 20:41 UTC (2)

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2/8/19: Updated for 2.24 patch. Will not be updated for future versions of Stellaris.

This mod allows a Machine empire to play as the Contingency after unlocking an ascension perk. Requires Synthetic Dawn DLC.

Comes with 2 civics and 4 ascension perks. Allows the use of the AI flags, the red robot portrait, and a modified version of the Contingency portrait. This is not a balanced mod.


  • Idle Contingency: Required to unlock the Contingency Protocol ascension perk. Replaced with Activated Contingency once the empire becomes the Contingency.
  • Supercomputer: Replaces your starting ruler with a level 10 Contingency supercomputer.

Ascension Perks:

  • Contingency Protocol: Activates the Ghost Signal and its related events. After some time (the same amount of time it would take for the regular crisis event), the first Machine World is discovered. When that happens, your country type is changed, your civics are replaced, every empire declares war on you, and you gain a huge number of Contingency ships along with regular reinforcements. After that, 3 more Machine Worlds are eventually revealed with similar bonuses. However, should you lose all of your Machine Worlds, the Contingency Lair will be revealed, and if that is destroyed, you lose the game.
  • War Ready: Increases army damage by 10% and army health by 5%.
  • Synthetic Supremacy: Increases damage against the Shroud, Swarm, and Unbidden by 10%, and increases damage against the Aberrant, Vehement, and default empires by 5%.
  • Direct Control: Instantly grants you control of all mining drones, Automated Dreadnoughts, and Enigmatic Fortresses on the map, as well as all ships/planets owned by any present AI Fallen Empires.

Known Issues:

  • Only one empire can get the Awakened Contingency ascension perk. This is intentional.
  • The Contingency portraits have particle effects that look bad in the planet view. I couldn’t fix this, which is why I made the Supercomputer civic.
  • A Contingency ship set is not included. This is intentional, because unlike in the Playable Swarm mod, you don’t start out as the crisis right away (but if you want one, get (-NSC2 Addon: Extra Shipsets-)).
  • The first Contingency army you get doesn’t use the correct graphical culture (haven’t been able to find a fix)
  • The Contingency starbases don’t have proper graphics (not sure why since it just uses the regular Contingency graphical culture)

Many of the events use custom text and I probably haven’t tested them all, so please let me know if there are any events/options with missing text.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.