!ZOFE-ACOT Building overwrites

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Author: FLSoz
Last revision: 9 Oct at 17:12 2018 UTC


Credit goes to Chirumiru ShiRoz and Kolyn for creating everything in the first place.

This is a mod for personal use that overwrites the vanilla buildings so now the Black Fortress and Eternal Palace introduced in ACOT acts as the next tier of upgrade for the capitals.


-All vanilla buildings recognize Black Fortress and Eternal Palace as higher tier versions of vanilla capitals.

-Capitals no longer self-destruct on capture by opposing archetypes. Organics can thus keep machine capitals, and machines organics.
-Note that this allows for an Black Fortress on any world with an Capital building at the time the event fires.

-Planetary Capital upgrades directly to Black Fortress
-Empire Capital Complex (and machine equivalent) upgrades directly to Eternal Palace

-Can now construct Tier IV labs on all planets
-Tier III Labs no longer upgrade to Dark Matter Research Complexes
-Tier IV labs upgrade to Dark Matter Research Complexes
-Tier IV labs no longer upgrade to Enigmatic Labs
-Dark Matter Research Complexes upgrade to Enigmatic Labs (Capital Only)

-"Fixed" "Bug" (or feature) in ACOT, where gene clinic cannot upgrade to cryo revitalization center on Habitats

Required items:
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