Build Robots 2x Faster

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Author: MrTastix
Last revision: 7 Dec at 06:13 2018 UTC


Build Robots 2x Faster

by MrTastix
Game version: 2.2.0


By request, this is the sister mod for Build Robots 4x Faster. Everything is exactly the same but at a reduced rate!

Do not use both mods at the same time. Pick one, and only one. I will not be held responsible if an alien empire burns your house down if you don’t.

By default, organics and machines will take around 2.5 years to build. You need 75 pops for max buildings, so if you start with 26 that’s at least 120 years for a maximized planet. Kind of slow if you ask me (particularly since pops = workers = resources now).

Robots, on the other hand, take 4.1 years so that’s just over 200 years! The main upside being that organics and robots/machines now build independently of each other so you can build 2 pops at once, but you’re still looking at around 100 years of waiting.

With this mod, you’ll reduce that time to at least 60-100 years, a much better deal.

If this is too slow for you, consider using Build Robots 4x Faster, the sister mod to this one.