Build Robots 2x Faster

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Author: MrTastix
Last revision: 6 Sep at 05:30 UTC


Build Robots 2x Faster

by MrTastix
Game version: 2.1.0


By request, this is the sister mod for Build Robots 4x Faster. Everything is exactly the same but at a reduced rate.

Do not use both mods at the same time. Pick one, and only one. I will not be held responsible if an alien empire burns your house down if you don’t.

By default robots take 30 months to build (2.5 years), meaning a 25 tile planet will take a whopping 63 years to fully populate with robots. Which, while better than the default pop growth for other species, is still ridiculously slow.

This mod is a very simple tweak that reduces this time to 15 months, making a full 25 tile planet take only 31 years to fully populate.

In the case of Machine Empires (where I could not edit the build speed for the species itself), a new trait exists called "Legion". This trait is only available to Machine Empires, costs 0 trait points to pick up, and increases robot build speed by 200%.

Recommended Mods

I highly recommend this is taken with the following mods to fully realize its potential:

AutoBuild: This mod automatically upgrades buildings and builds robots for you.