Improved Starbase Buildings by Nuranon

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Author: Nuranon
Last revision: 2 Nov at 14:46 UTC


Changed Buildings:
  • Nebula Refinery: + 12 Minerals (before +5)
    increased: price (300 Minerals from 200)
  • Black Hole Obersvatory: +20 Physics (before +10)
    increased: price (300 Minerals from 200), built time (480 days from 360)
  • Curator Think Tank: +20 Physics, +20 Society, +20 Engineering (each before +5)
    increased: built time (doubled to 720 days), price (650 Minerals from 200), upkeep (-6 Energy from -2)
  • Art College: gives +25 Unity (before +10)
    increased: price (300 Minerals from 200), construction time (480 days from 360)

Added Buildings:
  • Hydroponics Farm II: +12 Food
    requires Tech IV Hydroponics (Nano-Vitality Crops), costs 500 Minerals, upkeep -3 Energy, built time 480 days, not possible to have Tech I & II Hydroponics on the same Starbase.

    You can own and finish building (base) Hydroponics Bays once Hydroponics Bay II becomes available with the research of Nano-Vitality Crops but the Tech 1 variant will no longer appear in buildable Starbase Buildings.

    Mod includes proper name localization for all game included languages, descriptions for everything but English and German are based on Google Translator though.

  • Requires:
    Leviathans DLC or Distant Stars DLC to be fully functional (should work without too).
  • Overwrites:


Current Version v0.29

I was personally somewhat frustrated with the resource output of those Starbase Buildings,
which seemed to be out of line with the their limited availability (in Nebulas, in Enclave systems), so I made a mod that fixed that. I also added a Tech II Hydroponics Bay.

Feedback (bugs, balance, feature ideas) is always appreciated.

Nuranon, 20.08.2018

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This mod allows you to upgrade Ruined Dyson Spheres, Ruined Science Nexuses and Ruined Sentry Arrays to Jury-Rigged versions before (and also after) you have researched Mega-Engineering. Those Jury-Rigged versions are inferior (produce less resource etc) than even the level 1 versions of the same Megastructures but are relatively cheap and like Ruined ones they can be fully restored.