Jury-Rigged Megastructures

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Author: Nuranon
Last revision: 4 Nov at 18:48 UTC


This Mod allows to upgrade Ruined Dyson Spheres, Ruined Science Nexuses and Ruined Sentry Arrays to Jury-Rigged Variants before (and after) Mega-Engineering is researched.

The Jury-Rigged Variants are limited in their resource output but also cheaper and can be normally restored once Mega-Engineering is researched.

  • Jury-Rigged Dyson Sphere

    Upgrade of Ruined Dyson Sphere
    Upgrades to (Restored) Dyson Sphere
    Gives +100 Energy Credits (+250 Energy Credits for a level 1 Dyson Sphere)

  • Jury-Rigged Science Nexus

    Upgrade of Ruined Science Nexus
    Upgrades to (Restored) Science Nexus
    Gives +45 of each Science type (+75 for each Science type for a level 1 Science Nexus)

  • Jury-Rigged Sentry Array

    Upgrade of Ruined Sentry Array
    Upgrades to (Restored) Sentry Array
    Has Sensor Range for 13 Hyperlanes (20 for level 1 Sentry Array, max 8 for Starbase)
    Has Hyperlane Range of 20 (30 for level 1 Sentry Array)

For Details like build costs & times, required techs (generally basic Tier 3 stuff) – see the "Mod Details" Discussion.


It rescales the Megastructure window to make space for the two upgrade options (see pictures).

If this file is overwritten by another mod (Gigastructure-Engineering does this), the 2nd upgrade option is only partly visible (see pictures) but still clickable and as such usable, you can still see upgrade requirements in the hover info description.

No vanilla Megastructure files are overwritten, for explanation & details see the "Mod Details" Thread in the Discussions Tab.


Current Version v0.14

For quite a while I wanted to have some intermediate structures between Mining Station in space, the buildings on planets and the much bigger Megastructures which are only available relative late in game. This mod doesn’t fully achieve that goal but it at least provides a way to utilize – in a limited manner – ruined Galactic Wonders earlier, hopefully not disrupting the game balance too much.

Feedback (bugs, balance, feature ideas) is always appreciated.

Nuranon, 04.11.2018

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