Jury-Rigged Megastructures

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Author: Nuranon
Last revision: 8 Jan at 03:01 UTC



Stellaris 2.2.* (LeGuin) compatible, last updated 05.01.2019

This Mod allows to upgrade Ruined Megastructures to Jury-Rigged Variants before (and after) Mega-Engineering is researched. The Jury-Rigged Variants are limited in their resource output and have weaker empire effects but are more affortable and can be normally restored once Mega-Engineering is researched, you can still directly restore Ruined Megastructures as before, there are two upgrade options for Ruined Structures.

  • Jury-Rigged Dyson Sphere

    Gives +100 Energy Credits (+250 Energy Credits for a level 1 Dyson Sphere)

  • Jury-Rigged Science Nexus

    Gives +5% Science Research bnus (as level 1 version)
    Gives +50 of each Science type (+100 for level 1 version)

  • Jury-Rigged Sentry Array

    Has Sensor Range for 13 Hyperlanes (20 for level 1 version, max 8 for Starbases)
    Has Hyperlane Range of 20 (30 for level 1 Sentry Array)

  • Jury-Rigged Strategic Coordination Center:

    Gives +25 Naval Cap (+50 for level 1 version)
    Gives +2 Starbase Cap (+2 for level 1 version)
    Gives +2 Starbase Defense Platform Cap (+4 for level 1 version)

  • Jury-Rigged Mega Art Installation:

    Gives +5% Amenities (as level 1 version, +15% for restored one)
    Gives +50 Unity (as level 1 version, +300 for restored one)

  • Jury-Rigged Interstellar Assembly:

    Gives +15% Immigration Pull (+25% level 1 version, +100% for restored one)
    Gives +10 Opinion from other Empires (as level 1 version, +50 for restored one)

For build times, costs, required techs (mostly basic Tier 3 stuff) – see the "Mod Details" Discussion.

  • Overwrites:



    It rescales the Megastructure window to make space for the two upgrade options (see pictures). If this file is overwritten by another mod, then there will likely be a UI glitch (see pictures) but the Mod still functions.

  • Compatibility:

    UI Overhaul 1080p Plus – no known issues
    Gigastructure-Engineering – full functionality but has minor UI glitch (see pictures).

  • Archived Versions:

    For Stellaris 2.02.13 Niven v0.15 of this Mod is available here (Steam Workshop page).

  • Localizations:
    • English: Proper one, descriptions vary between basic and fully fleshed-out.
    • Russian: some Russian names, everything else English.
      This Mod by «(PeGaS)» adds a full Russian localization, so highly recommended.
    • Other Languages: Just the English localization again, would welcome fan made ones but am to lazy to try making those myself, names I’ll maybe make myself.


For quite a while I wanted to have some intermediate structures between Mining Station in space, the buildings on planets and the much bigger Megastructures which are only available relative late in game. This mod doesn’t fully achieve that goal but it at least provides a way to utilize – in a limited manner – ruined Galactic Wonders earlier, hopefully not disrupting the game balance too much.

Feedback (bugs, balance, feature ideas) is always appreciated.

Nuranon, 15.12.2018

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