Star Wars Generic Namelist

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Author: Qui-Gon Jake
Last revision: 10 Sep at 23:11 2018 UTC


Compatible with 2.1.3

"One day I was walking and I found this big log and I rolled the log over and underneath was a tiny little stick. And I was like, ‘That log had a child!’"

For all who love Star Wars, I have compiled a generic list of Star Wars planets, ship and people names. This mod is current with 2.1.3 and should be compatible even when the game updates due to it simply being a namelist mod. Additionally, it should also be compatible with all other mods, as once again it is just a namelist mod.

*Past Completed Projects
-Overhauling the ship class namelist

*Current Development
-Greatly Expanding the depth of names for leaders. WIP
-Expanding the number of names available for individual ships. Not Started Yet

*Future Development
-Make more Empire/Rebel focused namelists.

*Possible Development (more likely to turn into Future Development if requested)
-Add compatibility with New Ship Classes and More by CaptainX3
-Add compatibility with Star Wars Ships
-Add compatibility with Planetary Diversity and/or !CGM: Planets Enhanced